hello i'm an engineer and designer


Living in Palo Alto, California

My work lies at the intersection of robotics and computer science. I create software and hardware for intelligent systems and devices. In particular, I love distributed robotics, connected networks, Linux, software design, 3D graphics, machine learning, rapid prototyping, and product design. Bachelor's from Princeton, Master's from Stanford.

Last work


Multi-Robot Control

Collaborative robotics

Multi-robot control and visualization framework at the Stanford AI Lab

robotics, systems

Microbot manufacturing


Simulation and path-planning platform for DARPA's micro-robot project

research, graph theory


High-performance software

Modern, asynchronous, and wicked fast C++11 bindings for Redis

nosql, C++11

Iron Dome


A projectile defense system using the 7 DOF Kuka LBR iiwa robot

control, vision


Machine learning

Constructing personal networks through communication history

svm, graph database

Lit Motors

Embedded Engineering

Real-time interfaces and systems for the first self-balancing electric motorcycle

automotive, visualization


State Estimation

Basic Kalman filter implementation in C++ using Eigen

control systems, C++11


Systems Engineering

Scalable systems for a connected fleet of autonomous robots that make solar energy cheaper

robotics, clean energy, solar


Autonomous Robot Competition

Our entry for the 2014 ME210 robotics competition, took first place out of thirty teams

sensing, shooting mechanism


Data Interaction Design

International design effort creating the future of information access for corporate executives

design thinking, big data


Bio-inspired Robotics

The first robotic hexapod with a passively-flexible spine, winner of several design awards

bachelor's thesis, locomotion


Smartphone-Driven Mechatronics

Large bluetooth-connected quadrotor controlled by a custom application on an Android phone

arduino, android, bluetooth

Robby The Robot

Human-Robot Interaction

Child-like robot with many expressive moods and emotional reactions to stimuli

sensing, body language, arduino


Autonomous Search and Rescue

Autonomous vehicle capable of carrying objects, overcoming 20" barriers, and navigating tunnels

manufacturing, mechanisms


Dynamic Web Development

Favorite web stack consisting of Bootstrap, jQuery, Django, Git, and Nginx running on AWS

web design, amazon cloud

Spherical Robot

Locomotion Design

Design for an omnidirectional spherical robot actuated by counter-rotating flywheels

modeling, simulation

Surgery Arm

Medical Robotics

Design and simulation for a multi-tool laparoscopic surgery arm

simulation, marketing

Elysium Digital

Technology Litigation Consulting

Consulting for major cases of IP litigation, especially patent infringement and invalidity

consulting, patent law

Standard Draw 3D

3D Graphics Platform

Platform for the creation of 3D graphics, simulations, and games for educational use

education, java3d, oop

CS Installers

Robust Scripting

Automated Windows and OS X installers for university CS courses, run over 200k times

coursera, bash, powershell

Electronic Cello

3D Musical Instrument

Digital cello played by intuitive movements of the player's hands in three-dimensional space

audio synthesis, HCI, music


Event-Driven Algorithms

Unique particle simulator capable of modeling physical phenomena from molecules to planets

physics, simulation

Ferrofluid Flow

Magnetoviscous Pipe Flow

Experiments regarding the pipe flow of a ferromagnetic liquid under an AC magnetic field

fluid dynamics, electromagnetism

New Media Center

Media Consulting

Consulting faculty and students regarding media projects and the use of state-of-the-art equipment

A/V software, flash, photoshop

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